Service Changes for Unitrans 2016-17 Schedule

The new 2016-17 Unitrans schedule is in effect on Monday, August 1, although most of the changes are in weekend service, effective Saturday, August 6.  Printed schedules are now available on buses and in terminals.  Click here for a pdf version of the entire 2016-17 schedule.

The service changes are described below.

a.   Revise O-line Shoppers Shuttle timing to improve on-time performance:
O-line Shoppers Shuttle to be revised to start and end at MU.  It will follow a route similar to the weekday Z-line and C-lines combined, along with a diversion to continue to serve the Davis Manor Shopping Center on East 8th Street and Dairy Road to serve the Tercero Dorms.  It will start at the Memorial Union and serve downtown and the Amtrak Station, then continue east on 5th Street-Alhambra to Mace to 2nd to serve 2nd Street Crossing (Target).  Heading west, it will continue on 2nd to Pena-5th-Pole Line-8th-L Street to 3rd and through downtown via Amtrak and 2nd Street.  Then it will serve UC Davis via Hutchison-Dairy-LaRue.  Then it will continue on Anderson-8th-Wake Forest-with a loop to serve University Mall and the residential facilities in those areas.

Because of the long routing, the O-line has regularly run late, and rather than cut out any portions of the route, Unitrans is proposing to increase its scheduled time so that all destinations can continue to be served.  With this proposal, the bus would run every 75 minutes from the MU Terminal from 9:00 A.M. to 5:45 P.M.  Click on the image below for details.


b.   Revise weekend service to run all service to/from MU Terminal:
To improve connections between Unitrans lines and Yolobus and Fairfield Transit / Solano Express, as well as to provide more service to the Memorial Union and nearby destinations, Unitrans is proposing that all weekend service use the Memorial Union terminal, as follows:
– J-line replaced by G-line
– W-line replaced by M-line
– V-line replaced by a new West Village MU line
– D-line replaced by K line
– O-line Shoppers Shuttle revised as described above.    

c.   Eliminate Silo lines on four
 low-ridership weeks (UC Davis Breaks).  During four weeks of the year when Unitrans is running Summer/Break service, the ridership is very low and many buses are relatively empty.  As a means to improve efficiency, Unitrans is proposing that service to the Silo Terminal be eliminated on December 12-16, December 19-22, January 2-6,  and March 27-31.  On those dates, all lines serving the Memorial Union terminal (B, E, F, G, K, M, P, Q, and Z) would run on the Summer/Break schedule.  The L and V lines would run on their Summer/Break schedule but will run to the MU Terminal instead of the Silo.  The A, C, D, J, and W lines would not run.  This reduced schedule would provide service to all areas currently served, but with fewer buses running and less frequent service.

d.   Combine S-line and T-line into One Route to Serve High School and Later Start Times at Junior High Schools. 
The former S and T lines have been combined into a new T line, following the routing shown below.  The route provides stops that are relatively close to Harper Junior High (on Alhambra at Atlantis) and Holmes Junior High (on Covell at J).  Two trips will run each weekday.  On M/Tu/Th/F, the earlier bus will serve the DSHS first period, while the 2nd bus will serve the junior high later start times, as well as providing service to 2nd period starting time at Davis High School.  On Wednesdays, the earlier bus does not run, and is replaced with a later bus to serve the later Wednesday start times.  In the afternoons, the combined route would run to serve both the 2:30 and 3:30 dismissal times at the junior and senior highs.  For former S-line riders, the new routing will provide a faster trip from the eastern portions of South Davis.  For the T-line, the routing along Covell will provide service that is within walking distance of those who would like to use the service in the Slide Hill Park / Loyola neighborhoods, as well as Wildhorse.