Special Pokestop Express! – Saturday, August 6

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This Saturday, you can enjoy your two favorite things in one place – Pokémon GO and riding Unitrans! Play Pokémon GO on board the free 20 minute shuttle to Pokéstop and gym locations around downtown Davis and UCD Campus.  The Pokestop Express will run in conjunction with the Farmers Market Doubledecker bus shuttle, which runs the first Saturday of every month.


Regular weekend Unitrans service is available on the GK, MO, P, Q,  and V-mu lines — click on the line letter for a schedule and map.  The lines run hourly from all parts of Davis, with the first buses arriving at downtown Davis and the UC Davis campus before 9:00 am, and the last buses leaving those areas after 6:00 pm.  All weekend service is now based at the MU terminal (only the O line serves the Silo).