T-Line — 7:45 trip leaves 5 minutes earlier than time shown in printed schedule

Based on customer requests for earlier arrival times at the junior high schools, the T-line schedule has been revised, effective Wednesday, September 21.  The bus that leaves Richards Boulevard at Olive Drive will be changed from 7:50 to 7:45.  This will have the bus arrive earlier at all subsequent stops, so that there is sufficient walking time for students going to Harper and Holmes junior highs.

The T Line (South and East Davis – Davis High School) began running on Wednesday, August 24.  The schedule and route have changed from last year and has replaced the S-line.  The T-line runs twice in the morning (6:58 and 7:45) and twice in the afternoon (2:40 and 3:40) every weekday when Davis secondary schools are in session.  On Wednesdays, the morning runs for the T-line start at 7:45 and 8:50 because of the later start times at the secondary schools.

Click here for a pdf schedule, including a list of all T line stops for NextBus predications and other important information.