Transit Service to Golden One Center for UC Davis Basketball 11-21-2016

The UC Davis men’s basketball team will be playing Sacramento State in the first game of a college basketball doubleheader on Monday at the Golden One Center in downtown Sacramento.  The Aggie game starts at 5:30.  Yolobus offers direct service between the Memorial Union bus terminal and the Golden One Center on route 42A/B.  Undergraduate students may ride Yolobus by showing their Aggie Card, just like riding Unitrans.  For service to downtown Sacramento, use route 42B, and to return to UC Davis, use 42A.  Note that for higher attendance events at the Golden One Center, these lines do not operate all the way into downtown (and passengers transfer to a free shuttle in West Sacramento), but the UCD game on Monday will not require the transfer to the “Y” shuttle.  Click here for an updated version of the printed Yolobus 42 schedule.