Mobile Apps for NextBus Information

Our FAQ page has lots of important information, but one which routinely comes up is the question about which app to use.

Is there a mobile app for getting real-time bus information?

Yes, there are several mobile apps that use publicly-available real-time data for Unitrans bus locations.  Unitrans real-time data is powered by NextBus, and apps for iPhone and Android, as well as other means of mobile access can be found at  The NextBus apps include updated alerts for lines and bus stops, which may be important in getting correct information.

Many of our riders use the “Bus” information from the UC Davis Mobile App.  That app generally provides updated and complete information for the bus system (including alerts), but it is not under Unitrans control.   This is an excellent app for many purposes, but we also encourage use of the actual NextBus app for the most complete and accurate information.

If you use another app to access Unitrans data, please check on whether the app is using the most up-to-date Unitrans schedule and that it also provides alerts.