Davis Stampede — Sunday, February 12

The Davis Stampede running events will require street closures in parts of Davis and will result in delays and detours during the morning of Sunday, February 12.

P and Q lines:  A section of Cowell Boulevard in South Davis will be closed for the event.  During that time, the P and Q lines will run via Chiles Road between Drummond and La Vida.  The P and Q lines will not serve the stops on Cowell at Ohlone (stop# 051 for the P line, stop# 052 for the Q) until after 12:00.  [Note that stop #048 on Cowell at Drummond is out of service for construction.]  The 12:00 P/Q buses and all the afternoon buses are expected to be on the regular route.

O line:  There may be delays on the 9:00 bus with runners passing at cross streets.

M line: the 9:00 bus on the M line will not be able to serve stops on Drew or on Research Park Drive. Instead the 9:00 M line will serve the eastern portion of the W line, serving Lillard and Drummond stops heading east- and northbound, and Cowell heading westbound.

K line:  The 9:25 run may be delayed as a result of the detour of the 9:00 M line (it is the same bus doing both lines).

We apologize for the inconvenience.