Proposed Unitrans Service Changes for 2017-18

The Unitrans Advisory Committee will be holding its annual meeting on Wednesday, May 17 to discuss service changes proposed for the 2017-18 schedule.  The new schedule would go into effect on Monday, August 7, with changes in weekend service going into effect the following Saturday, August 12.  The service changes being considered are listed below.  If you have comments on the changes, please send them to or attend the Unitrans Advisory Committee meeting in person, May 17, 2017, 5:00 p.m. at the Davis Community Chambers at City Hall.  For more information, click on the links for the Unitrans Advisory Committee.

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a.   Revise O-line Shoppers Shuttle to Restore Hourly Service:
The O-line Shoppers Shuttle was revised last year to improve on-time performance, but that change resulted in the bus running on an odd schedule (every 75 minutes).  The less convenient timing resulted in a significant drop in ridership.  As a result, Unitrans is proposing to restore hourly service, but to do that, some portions of the current O-line will need to be eliminated.  The proposed O-line would continue to serve Amtrak, 5th Street, Alhambra, Target, 8th Street (Davis Manor Shopping Center) with service to and from the Memorial Union.  It would also include a loop between the MU and campus residence halls and the Arboretum via Russell, LaRue, Dairy Road, and Hutchison.  It would no longer serve the eastern part of Hutchison Drive (Art/Library stop), the Silo Terminal, or the University Mall / Cuarto area.  Note that the University Mall / Cuarto area will continue to be served by the G, K, and P/Q lines on weekends.

b.   Eliminate K-night Routing which currently operates only during Finals service after 8:00pm:
The K-line would continue on its regular route during all times of service.

c.   Revise T-line Route and Times to Accommodate Later Start Time at Davis Senior High School and Ridership Patterns:
Because of very low ridership on the southern-most portion of the T-line, the line would be shifted from its current routing via Danbury-Montgomery-Mace to Lillard-Drummond-Cowell, similar to the P/Q lines.  The remainder of the routing would be unchanged to Davis High School (to arrive for the 8:15 start time).  The bus would then head east from the high school to provide a stop at Harper Junior High on Covell for the 8:30 start time (Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri).  The afternoon bus would follow the existing T line route with the exception of shifting from Mace-Montgomery-Danbury to Cowell-Drummond-Lillard consistent with the morning run.  Because of later start and earlier dismissal times on Wednesdays, the timing and routing would be altered, and two trips would operate in the morning (one to DSHS and one to Harper) and in the afternoon.  The map below shows the route that would operate in the morning on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri.



The Unitrans Advisory Committee meeting will also include public hearings for the City/Unitrans annual Program of Projects and the update to the Title VI program.