T-line Schedule – Davis High School Finals June 5 – 8

For Davis High School Finals week, June 5-8, the T line morning service will continue to run at the times shown in the published schedules.  There will be two runs on the T line.  The first T-line bus leaves Richards/Olive at 6:58 (arriving at the high school at 7:35) and the second bus leaves Richards/Olive at 7:45, serving stops near Harper and Holmes Junior High Schools before arriving at the high school at 8:22.  Note that the 6:58 bus will also run on Wednesday, June 7.

Note that the afternoon T-line schedule will be modified on Tuesday June 6 through Thursday June 8 for early dismissal times.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, June 6 and June 7, the first T line bus will leave the high school at 12:40 instead of 2:40 (and the 2nd bus will leave at 3:40 as usual).  On Thursday, June 8, there will only be one afternoon bus at 12:40.  The regular afternoon times (leaving the high school at 2:40 and 3:40) will run on Monday, June 5.