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No T-line Service on Monday, January 9

The T-line will not be running on Monday, January 9.  Davis High School classes are not in session that day, and most of the T line riders are destined for the high school.  The P/Q lines will be available on their regular weekday schedule.

Service Schedules for 12/12 – 1/6


Unitrans Break service schedules will be in effect starting Monday, December 12 and running through Friday, January 6.  Note that Break Service is revised this year so that all service is running to the Memorial Union Terminal.  There is no service on the A, C, D, J, and W lines.  For service to those neighborhoods, please use the equivalent MU lines (Z, B, K, G, and M or P/Q).  The L and V lines will run on their summer/break time schedule, but will go to the MU terminal instead of the Silo.  Please call 752-2877 if you have questions about which line to use during Break Service.

Because of the holidays, there will be additional days with reduced service.  Below is a listing, or see the service calendar.  Regular service resumes on Monday, January 9.

Dec. 23 – Extended weekend service.  The P/Q line will run hourly as on weekends, but there will be full runs at 7:00AM and 8:00AM to accommodate travel to Davis schools that day.  In addition, the T line will be running its regular morning schedule and an earlier leave time (12:40PM) from Davis High School to reflect the half-day schedule that day.

Dec. 24-25 – No Unitrans Service.  Yolobus 42A42B are running.

Dec. 26-30 – Weekend service — with buses running from the Memorial Union 9AM-6PM (with the first P/Q arrivals at 8:50AM, and last arrivals at 7:00PM).  Click for individual line schedules (G,K,M,O,P,Q,V-MU).

Dec. 31-Jan. 1 – No Unitrans Service.  Yolobus 42A42B are running

Jan. 2 –Weekend service – (Note that this is mistakenly shown as Break Service in the printed scheduled, but it is a holiday and weekend service is running.)

Jan.  3-6 – Break service.

January 7-8 – Weekend service (note that the Farmers Market Doubledecker Shuttle will not run on this Saturday but will run on Saturday, January 14 instead)




Downtown Detour Monday 12/12

There will be construction work blocking 2nd Street between E and F Street on Monday morning until 10:00AM.  During that time, the Z-line will be re-routed (note that the A line is not running during Break Service).  Outbound to Target, no stops will be missed, but the Z-line bus will be delayed between the bus stops on 2nd at E and Amtrak.  Inbound toward the MU Terminal, the bus will not be able to serve the 2nd/E stop.  Instead the bus will serve the stop on 3rd at E and continue along 3rd Street to the MU.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Mobile Apps for NextBus Information

Our FAQ page has lots of important information, but one which routinely comes up is the question about which app to use.

Is there a mobile app for getting real-time bus information?

Yes, there are several mobile apps that use publicly-available real-time data for Unitrans bus locations.  Unitrans real-time data is powered by NextBus, and apps for iPhone and Android, as well as other means of mobile access can be found at http://nextbus.cubic.com/Mobile-Access.  The NextBus apps include updated alerts for lines and bus stops, which may be important in getting correct information.

Many of our riders use the “Bus” information from the UC Davis Mobile App.  While that app strives to provide updated and complete information for the bus system (including alerts), it is not under Unitrans control.   Unfortunately, we have found errors or missing information in the past.  So, while this is an excellent app for many purposes, we also encourage use of the actual NextBus app for the most complete and accurate information.

If you use another app to access Unitrans data, please check on whether the app is using the most up-to-date Unitrans schedule and that it also provides alerts.

Transit Service to Golden One Center for UC Davis Basketball 11-21-2016

The UC Davis men’s basketball team will be playing Sacramento State in the first game of a college basketball doubleheader on Monday at the Golden One Center in downtown Sacramento.  The Aggie game starts at 5:30.  Yolobus offers direct service between the Memorial Union bus terminal and the Golden One Center on route 42A/B.  Undergraduate students may ride Yolobus by showing their Aggie Card, just like riding Unitrans.  For service to downtown Sacramento, use route 42B, and to return to UC Davis, use 42A.  Note that for higher attendance events at the Golden One Center, these lines do not operate all the way into downtown (and passengers transfer to a free shuttle in West Sacramento), but the UCD game on Monday will not require the transfer to the “Y” shuttle.  Click here for an updated version of the printed Yolobus 42 schedule.

Thanksgiving Service – Airport Shuttle Wednesday, Nov 23

Unitrans will operate special services will be running during the Thanksgiving holiday (see Service Calendar):

– Wednesday, Nov 23 – Unitrans will provide a shuttle service Sacramento Airport, leaving the MU hourly from 10:00am-7:00pm (click here), supplementing the regular YoloBus route 42A to the airport.  This service is open to the general public; regular Unitrans fares apply.  See Special Services page .  Also, there will be NO night service running on November 23.

– Thursday, Nov. 24 – No Unitrans service.  YoloBus 42A/42B running on “Sunday” schedule.

– Friday, Nov. 25 –  Unitrans will be running weekend service — with buses running from the Memorial Union 9AM-6PM (with the first P/Q arrivals at 8:50AM, and last arrivals at 7:00PM).  Click for individual line schedules (G,K,M,O,P,Q,V-MU).  Note that all lines go to/from the MU Terminal.

– Sat/Sun, Nov 26-27  – Regular weekend service will run.

– Sunday, Nov. 27 – No special airport service; use YoloBus 42B from Sacramento Airport to Davis.  Unitrans will operate the Amtrak shuttle service with departures at approximately 6:55pm and 7:55 pm.  Drivers drop off passengers anywhere within the City of Davis.  Standard fares apply (including accepted ID cards, passes, and tickets).   Unitrans also accepts Capitol Corridor transfers, which are available from train conductors.

– The T line does not run during the week of November 21-25.


Unitrans Service is Free for Election Day, Tuesday, November 8

Unitrans service is fare-free on Tuesday, November 8.  Don’t forget to vote!  Here is a list of polling places and which buses serve them.

See this article for background about why free service is being provided.

Weekend Service on Friday, Nov. 11

Friday, November 11 is the Veterans’ Day holiday.  Unitrans will be running weekend service — with buses running from the Memorial Union 9AM-6PM (with the first P/Q arrivals at 8:50AM, and last arrivals at 7:00PM).  Click for individual line schedules (G,K,M,O,P,Q,V-MU).  Note that all lines go to/from the MU Terminal.

For a complete listing of the service operating each day, see the Service Calendar for more information.

Nominations for Mark and Linda Champagne ASUCD Customer Service Award


Nominations for the Champagne ASUCD Customer Service Award are now open.  If you have experienced exceptional customer service from a Unitrans driver, conductor, or the person on the phone at 752-BUSS, please consider nominating them for the award.  There is more information and a link to the nomination form at https://asucd.ucdavis.edu/champagne/.

If you don’t know the name of the Unitrans employee you would like to nominate, please let us know the bus line, day and time that they served you on the bus (or the time and day that you spoke to them on the phone) and we will figure out who it is.

SACOG Unmet Transit Needs Process

The Sacramento Area Council of Governments is looking for feedback on the Sacramento area’s bus, dial-a-ride, paratransit and light rail transit services. SACOG accepts transit need-related comments from any area in the counties of Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba. Comments may be provided by email or by attending one of the public meetings. The meeting in Yolo County is Wednesday, October 19, 2016, at 6:00 PM.  It will be held at the City of Davis Council Chambers, 23 Russell Blvd., Davis, CA.  For more information, please visit the SACOG Unmet Transit Needs web site.


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