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Weekend Service is running on Presidents Day (Monday, February 20)

Weekend service is the service in effect on Monday, February 20, for the Presidents Day holiday.

Unitrans will be running weekend service — with buses running from the Memorial Union 9AM-6PM (with the first P/Q arrivals at 8:50AM, and last arrivals at 7:00PM).  Click for individual line schedules (G,K,M,O,P,Q,V-MU).  Note that all lines go to/from the MU Terminal.

Note also that the Amtrak Shuttle will run on Monday instead of Sunday for the holiday weekend.  See the Service Calendar for more information on what service is running each day.

Davis Stampede — Sunday, February 12

The Davis Stampede running events will require street closures in parts of Davis and will result in delays and detours during the morning of Sunday, February 12.

P and Q lines:  A section of Cowell Boulevard in South Davis will be closed for the event.  During that time, the P and Q lines will run via Chiles Road between Drummond and La Vida.  The P and Q lines will not serve the stops on Cowell at Ohlone (stop# 051 for the P line, stop# 052 for the Q) until after 12:00.  [Note that stop #048 on Cowell at Drummond is out of service for construction.]  The 12:00 P/Q buses and all the afternoon buses are expected to be on the regular route.

O line:  There may be delays on the 9:00 bus with runners passing at cross streets.

M line: the 9:00 bus on the M line will not be able to serve stops on Drew or on Research Park Drive. Instead the 9:00 M line will serve the eastern portion of the W line, serving Lillard and Drummond stops heading east- and northbound, and Cowell heading westbound.

K line:  The 9:25 run may be delayed as a result of the detour of the 9:00 M line (it is the same bus doing both lines).

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Mobile Apps for NextBus Information

Our FAQ page has lots of important information, but one which routinely comes up is the question about which app to use.

Is there a mobile app for getting real-time bus information?

Yes, there are several mobile apps that use publicly-available real-time data for Unitrans bus locations.  Unitrans real-time data is powered by NextBus, and apps for iPhone and Android, as well as other means of mobile access can be found at http://nextbus.cubic.com/Mobile-Access.  The NextBus apps include updated alerts for lines and bus stops, which may be important in getting correct information.

Many of our riders use the “Bus” information from the UC Davis Mobile App.  That app generally provides updated and complete information for the bus system (including alerts), but it is not under Unitrans control.   This is an excellent app for many purposes, but we also encourage use of the actual NextBus app for the most complete and accurate information.

If you use another app to access Unitrans data, please check on whether the app is using the most up-to-date Unitrans schedule and that it also provides alerts.

Sacramento Connect Card on Yolobus

The regional fare card known as the Connect Card is now accepted on Yolobus, in addition to Sacramento Regional Transit and other transit systems in the region.  Unfortunately, the Connect Card is not an accepted form of payment on Unitrans.  This is because the expensive card reading technology is not being installed on Unitrans buses, as this was not cost-effective given the relatively small number of regional transit riders.  If you use a Connect Card on Yolobus and wish to continue your trip on Unitrans, please request a printed transfer from the Yolobus driver and present that on Unitrans.  If the transfer time and date are valid, it will be accepted on Unitrans and no additional fare is required.  If you are transferring from Unitrans to Yolobus, you will need to pay the $1 fare on Unitrans (or use a 10-ride ticket), and then use your Connect Card to board Yolobus.

From Unitrans FAQs:

I have a Yolobus / Sacramento Regional Transit pass. Can I use it on Unitrans?

Unitrans accepts printed Yolobus and Sacramento Regional Transit (Sac RT) passes and transfers. Unitrans also accepts Amtrak and Fairfield/Suisun Transit passes and transfers as valid fare.  However, electronic-only media such as Yolobus stored value cards and Sacramento Connect Card cannot be used on Unitrans as valid fare.  That is because they cannot be verified by the bus driver.  If you are using a Connect Card on Yolobus and wish to transfer to Unitrans, please request a printed transfer from the Yolobus driver, and then use that as your fare when boarding Unitrans.

Possible Delays Along Russell Boulevard Friday Afternoon During Community March

On Friday, January 27, there will be a community gathering in response to the recent hate crime.  According to the Davis Enterprise article  the event will include a march from Central Park to the Islamic Center.  If the march is large, the Davis Police Department  may impose traffic restrictions along Russell Boulevard, and that may result in delays in Unitrans service to and from the MU Terminal.  The event starts at 1:30 at Central Park, and possible delays could be in the 1:00-4:00 time-frame on Friday.  NextBus will be updated with messages in addition to the ongoing real time bus tracking, to try to keep customers informed of any major delays.

No Farmers Market Shuttle Saturday January 7

The Farmers Market Shuttle, which usually runs on the first Saturday of each month, will not be running on January 7.  Instead, it will run on January 14, 2017.  We will hope for better weather on that day!

Regular Service in Effect – Prepare for Rainy Weather and Crowded Buses

Regular Service is in effect through Friday, March 17.  Click here for the service calendar.  Ridership at the start of any quarter is very high, and buses are often delayed.  With rainy weather, buses are even more crowded and subject to delays.  Unfortunately, Unitrans currently has very limited resources to add supplemental buses to relieve overcrowding.  We will do everything we can to get everyone on the bus, but this may not always be possible.  If you are able to take an earlier bus, it will help you get to your destination on time.  Please click here for other tips on rainy day bus riding.

Also, remember that the printed schedule for 2016-17 has a misprint related to the Q line.  The Q line schedule has not changed from prior years, but the printed schedule shows incorrect times listed.  Also, for summer/break and weekend service, it shows the wrong stop sequence.  We are very sorry for the errors in the printed schedule.  The online versions of the schedule are correct and a special Q-line schedule correction pamphlet is available for inserting into the schedule book.

Click here for a pdf with the corrected Q line  weekday schedule for printing.

Click here for a pdf with the corrected Q line weekend schedule for printing.


No T-line Service on Monday, January 9

The T-line will not be running on Monday, January 9.  Davis High School classes are not in session that day, and most of the T line riders are destined for the high school.  The P/Q lines will be available on their regular weekday schedule.

Service Schedules for 12/12 – 1/6


Unitrans Break service schedules will be in effect starting Monday, December 12 and running through Friday, January 6.  Note that Break Service is revised this year so that all service is running to the Memorial Union Terminal.  There is no service on the A, C, D, J, and W lines.  For service to those neighborhoods, please use the equivalent MU lines (Z, B, K, G, and M or P/Q).  The L and V lines will run on their summer/break time schedule, but will go to the MU terminal instead of the Silo.  Please call 752-2877 if you have questions about which line to use during Break Service.

Because of the holidays, there will be additional days with reduced service.  Below is a listing, or see the service calendar.  Regular service resumes on Monday, January 9.

Dec. 23 – Extended weekend service.  The P/Q line will run hourly as on weekends, but there will be full runs at 7:00AM and 8:00AM to accommodate travel to Davis schools that day.  In addition, the T line will be running its regular morning schedule and an earlier leave time (12:40PM) from Davis High School to reflect the half-day schedule that day.

Dec. 24-25 – No Unitrans Service.  Yolobus 42A42B are running.

Dec. 26-30 – Weekend service — with buses running from the Memorial Union 9AM-6PM (with the first P/Q arrivals at 8:50AM, and last arrivals at 7:00PM).  Click for individual line schedules (G,K,M,O,P,Q,V-MU).

Dec. 31-Jan. 1 – No Unitrans Service.  Yolobus 42A42B are running

Jan. 2 –Weekend service – (Note that this is mistakenly shown as Break Service in the printed scheduled, but it is a holiday and weekend service is running.)

Jan.  3-6 – Break service.

January 7-8 – Weekend service (note that the Farmers Market Doubledecker Shuttle will not run on this Saturday but will run on Saturday, January 14 instead)




Downtown Detour Monday 12/12

There will be construction work blocking 2nd Street between E and F Street on Monday morning until 10:00AM.  During that time, the Z-line will be re-routed (note that the A line is not running during Break Service).  Outbound to Target, no stops will be missed, but the Z-line bus will be delayed between the bus stops on 2nd at E and Amtrak.  Inbound toward the MU Terminal, the bus will not be able to serve the 2nd/E stop.  Instead the bus will serve the stop on 3rd at E and continue along 3rd Street to the MU.

We are sorry for any inconvenience.