2019-20 Unitrans Service Changes (effective August 5, 2019):

A & L Construction Detour

Due to construction, the A & L line will move to the Memorial Union Terminal from August 5-September 24. A Line will use Z Line parking space. The L Line will use the F Line parking space. Click title link for more info.

O Weekend Shopper Shuttle

O Line is going to operate bi-directionally on 8th Street, L Street, and Pole Line Road to improve access to shopping opportunities like at Grocery Outlet. The schedule will be adjusted to improve reliability.

X Tercero Loop

The X line will be discontinued due to low ridership. Resources used on the X line will be used to improve reliability on the O Line.

S North/West Davis Line

Discontinuation of pilot due to low ridership at end of the 2018-19 Davis Joint Unified School District school year. Customers are directed to F and Q lines. Resources used on this line will be used to improve reliability on the P and Q lines.

D / G / J / W / V

Reintroducing midday weekday 15 minute service on the D, G, J, W, and V lines. (Effective September 23, 2019)

A/Z Reroute at Amtrak Station

(ON HOLD) Due to safety issues, the westbound A and Z lines are going to be rerouted from 2nd Street between B Street and H Street to 3rd Street between C Street and H Street. The westbound Amtrak Station stop will be approximately one block from the Amtrak Station.

Fare Changes

Annual Pass - Price will increase from $198 to $216 effective July 1, 2019. This change was approved and advertised starting in 2018.

No changes to the cash fare, 10-ride ticket, monthly pass, or quarterly pass prices.

For Any Questions

1. Email us at unitrans@ucdavis.edu

2. Call us at 530-752-2877 from 8:00am to 5:00pm on Monday-Friday.