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Unitrans A/Z Line Service Altered for Road Construction on Alhambra Drive

Posted on Feb 5 2019

Updated 3/19/2019

RESUMING MARCH 21-22 (schedule subject to change depending on weather conditions), road construction on Alhambra Drive will disrupt A & Z line service as outlined below.  Unitrans will update this information as new details become available.  For more information and trip planning assistance, please contact Unitrans at (530) 752-2877, or

A & Z Lines:  3/21-3/22


The following stops will not be served:

  • Alhambra & 5th (eastbound/outbound)
  • Alhambra & Arroyo (eastbound/outbound)
  • Alhambra & Mace Blvd/Alhambra Apts. (eastbound/outbound)

Temporary stops:

  • Mace & 2nd Street
  • 5th Street & Verona Terrace/5th Eastbound (293)