Unitrans Response to Concerns Over COVID-19

Posted on Feb 27 2020

Due to concerns over COVID-19, Unitrans is taking the following measures to help protect our customers and employees:

* Unitrans maintenance staff is sanitizing all interior bus surfaces at the end of each day and mid-day.

* Drivers and conductors are instructed to wipe down their work space at the start of their shifts.

* All service is fare-free in order to limit contact with drivers and conductors.

* Customers are directed to board and deboard via the rear doors if able to limit driver and conductor contact. Only engage driver and conductor as needed from behind the yellow tape on the buses.

* Maintain physical distance from customers and per CDC guidance, wear a face mask or covering while riding the bus.

* Remember - Unitrans is for essential trips only.


Customers are encouraged to bring hand santizer or other personal hygiene products they wish to use before, during, and after riding the bus at their own discretion. Any service changes will be posted on the Unitrans web site and Facebook page and will also be available by calling Unitrans at (530) 752-2877.  


For Coronavirus information for the UC Davis campus, please go to this link: