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Fall Quarter Service Starts Sept. 21!

Posted on Sep 7 2022

Fall academic year service resumes on Wednesday, September 21 and will be reduced from pre-pandemic levels. Expect crowded buses and possible bypassing. Please try to take a bus 30 minutes before your class starts. For schedules, click Routes above and select your route. Be sure to click on the "Term" box to select the correct service period.


30 minute service: B, C, D, G, J, K*, M*, P, Q, V-Express, V-Limited, and W lines

60 minute service: A, E, F, L, and Z lines


Starting September 19, the Yolobus 42A and 42B will provide additional service on Fifth Street and Alhambra Drive to supplement the A and Z lines. Yolobus morning 42 service will be every 30 minutes. Yolobus is fare-free with a UC Davis undergraduate registration card and will provide a faster, direct ride from Fifth Street to campus! Try the 42!


Interested in driving a bus? We're hiring! Unitrans drivers start at $18.00-$19.50/hour. Click here for more info!


Need help? Call us at 530-752-2877 or email


*The printed bus schedule has two known errors. The M line weekday schedule and K line weekend schedule contain errors. Use the online schedules. The M line departs the terminal five minutes later than listed in the printed schedule and the K line weekend timepoints are incorrect for Arthur and Russell/Sycamore..