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Unitrans provides public transportation service to the entire city with 48 buses on 18 routes, carrying over 4 million passengers a year.

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    Unitrans Service Adjustments - January 2022 - UPDATED 1/6/22

    UPDATE 1/6/22: Based on staffing challenges and remote UC Davis instruction, from Friday, January 7 through Friday, January 28, Unitrans will operate on a break schedule. Please check back frequently for service updates.


    "Break" Schedule Summary (Weekdays from Friday, January 7 - Friday, January 28):

    Service to/from the MU Terminal only including the Yolobus operated A & L lines

    Service every 30 minutes on the A-MU, G, P, Q, and V-MU lines

    Service every 60 minutes on the B, E, F, L-MU, and Z lines

    Z line will depart the MU terminal every 60 minutes at the "top of the hour" (7:00, 8:00, 9:05, etc) 

    No changes to regular scheduled weekend service.


    Yolobus will continue to operate the A & L lines throughout winter quarter. Please contact or 530-752-2877 with questions.

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    We're Hiring Drivers! Join the Team!

    Join the Unitrans team! Unitrans is hiring drivers to provide essential public transportation service to our campus and city community! The driver position offers great wages ($17.25-$18.75/hour!), a flexible schedule around your classes, upward mobility into leadership and management positions, and a welcoming, fun workplace.


    Ready to apply? Click here!!!

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    V Express And V Limited Pilot Program

    Once in-person learning resumes, Unitrans is increasing weekday service to West Village and introducing
    two new V line services – the V-EX (V West Village Express) and V-LT (V West Village Limited). The V-EX and V-LT will operate twice an hour on weekdays between 6:55 AM and 8:10 PM. The new services are expected to make your ride faster and more comfortable during the most crowded times. The regular V line serving all bus stops will operate twice an hour on weekdays from 7:10 AM to 6:20 PM and for all trips after 8:10 PM.


    V-EX West Village Express: The V-EX will depart the Silo Terminal and only serve one bus stop - 2080 Tilia (Stop #305). No other bus stops will be served. 2080 Tilia is the last outbound stop/first inbound stop on the V line, just after the turnaround loop, and is the primary stop for The Green residents. Outbound, the V-EX will not stop at Hutchison/Extension Center Drive (Stop #239), Hutchison/Health Sciences Drive (Stop #361), or any other stops in West Village. Inbound, the V-EX will serve 2080 Tilia (Stop #305), Hutchison/Health Sciences Drive (Stop #240), and the Silo Terminal.


    2080 Tilia is the primary stop for “The Green” addresses 298 Citron, 301 Citron, 184 Horizon, 298 Horizon, 2231 Jade, 187 Mint, 2079 Tilia and “Sol” addresses: 2035 Tilia, 2040 Tilia, 2145 Tilia, 2075 Tilia, 2080 Tilia, 2120 Tilia, 2150 Tilia.


    V-LT West Village Limited: The V-LT will depart the Silo Terminal and serve all bus stops EXCEPT 2080 Tilia. The last stop will be Tilia at Celadon (Stop #304). The outbound V-LT will stop at Hutchison/Extension Center Drive (Stop #239), Hutchison/Health Sciences Drive (Stop #361), Hutchison Dr/Sage (Stop #286), Jade/Sage (Stop #288), and Tilia/Celadon (Stop #304). Inbound service will serve all bus stops except 2080 Tilia (Stop #305).


    These stops serve most Sol buildings and all The Ramble buildings.


    Contact Unitrans at 530-752-2877 or email us at with questions or comments.

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  • Single Ride

    (Ages 5- 59)

    Up to two children under the age of five ride free per one fare paying adult. Exact fare only. Drivers carry no change. No refunds.

  • UCD Undergraduate Student

    Current Students

    By showing current student identification card. Without student ID, fare is $1.25. No photocopies or digital images accepted because drivers cannot determine their validity.


    A valid undergraduate UC Davis ID also entitles the holder to unlimited access on YoloBus.


    Please note that the Los Rios Community College District student identification card is NOT accepted as valid fare on Unitrans unless the ID has the Sacramento Regional Transit logo or sticker on it.

    Unlimited Access
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Title VI Civil Rights and ADA Notice
Unitrans, as a recipient of Federal Transit Administration funds, is committed to providing quality transit service to all customers and follows all federal non-discrimination rules and regulations, including Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Equal Employment Opportunity program. No person shall, on the grounds of race, color, national origin, religion, gender identity, gender expression, actual or perceieved sexual orientation, age, or ability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity operated by Unitrans...
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