Spare the Air Days - Ride Free!

Posted on Jul 26 2019

Unitrans will provide free rides to all customers on the first 15 officially declared Spare The Air days this year. To determine if Unitrans is offering free rides on a Spare The Air day, look for the free ride message on the electronic signage on the buses, on, or on our Facebook page, For more information on Spare The Air days, go to Click here for full press release.


A & L Line Will Operate To/From MU Terminal from August 5-September 24

Posted on Jul 25 2019

Due to construction of the new Teaching & Learning Center adjacent to the Silo on Hutchison Drive, Unitrans A, L, J, and V lines will be rerouted from August 5-September 24.


A & L Lines - Will operate from the Memorial Union Bus Terminal


C, J, & V Lines - Will continue to operate from the Silo Terminal but the J & V will layover/park in the current A& L line spaces. The C line will use the D line space.


We apologize for the inconvenience.


Unitrans Service Changes Effective August 5, 2019

Posted on Apr 26 2019

On Monday, August 5, 2019, the following Unitrans service changes will go into effect. These changes were approved through a majority vote of the Unitrans Advisory Committee on April 25, 2019.


S North/West Davis Line - Due to low ridership, the S line will be discontinued at the end of the 2018-19 Davis Joint Unified School District school year. Click here for S line map. Customers are directed to the P, Q, and F lines.


O Weekend Shopper Shuttle - O Line will operate bi-directionally on 8th Street, L Street, and Pole Line Road to improve access to shopping opportunities such as the Grocery Outlet. As noted above, the O Line will also operate westbound on 3rd Street in Downtown Davis instead of 2nd Street due to safety issues. The schedule will be adjusted. Click here for map.


X Tercero Loop - The X line will be discontinued as of August 4, 2019. Click here for map.


D / G / J / W / V - For UC Davis' 2019-20 academic year, Unitrans will reintroduce midday weekday 15 minute service on the D, G, J, W, and V lines.


A/Z/O Reroute at Amtrak Station (ON HOLD) - Due to safety issues, the westbound A, O, and Z lines will be rerouted from 2nd Street between B Street and H Street to 3rd Street between B Street and H Street. The westbound Amtrak Station stop will be approximately one block from the Amtrak Station. Click here for A/Z downtown inset map and here for O line.


Annual Pass - Price will increase from $198 to $216 for passes effective July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020. No changes to the cash fare, 10-ride ticket, monthly pass, or quarterly pass prices.


F Street at Covell Northbound Stop CLOSED due to Construction

Posted on Jul 18 2018

Due to construction on F Street, the E and Q Line bus stop on F Street at Covell Blvd is closed. A temporary stop is located 400 feet south of the closed stop on F Street adjacent to the driveway into the Parkside Apartment complex.