Thanksgiving Service Update - Airport Shuttle on Nov 22, No Service on Thursday, Nov 23, Weekend Service on Nov 24

Posted on Nov 13 2017

On Wednesday, November 22, Unitrans will operate an airport shuttle from the Memorial Union terminal to Sacramento International Airport Terminals A and B. The shuttle will depart hourly from the MU Terminal from 10am until 7pm. Yolobus' 42A bus also provides connections to the airport. Click here for shuttle details. There will be no Unitrans night service on Wednesday, November 22.

In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, there will be no Unitrans bus service on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23. Yolobus will operate Sunday service on Thanksgiving Day in Davis via Routes 42A and 42B.

On Friday, November 24, Unitrans will operate on a weekend schedule.

Click here for service summary.



P/Q/W/T Line Reroutes Near Chiles/Cowell/Drummond

Posted on Oct 18 2017

UPDATE: Starting Monday, October 9, the P, Q, T, and W Lines will be re-routed until the end of the 2017 calendar year due to major roadway construction at the intersection of Chiles/Cowell/Drummond. Buses may not run as scheduled due to construction re-routes and Nextbus predictions in this area will be inaccurate. Click here for reroute map and info flyer.


W Line: The W line will be unable to operate on Cowell between Drummond and Lillard/Pole Line. The line will operate via Drummond, Albany, and Arnold Streets. One stop will not be served at Cowell/Halsey Circle. For this stop, use Cowell/Valdora.


P/Q/T Lines: The P/Q/T lines will be unable to operate on Cowell between Ohlone and Drummond. The lines will operate via Lillard and Ohlone to/from Cowell. Five stops will not be served during construction. Use alternatives on Cowell and Lillard. See stop specific details below.


Impacted stops and alternatives:

  • Cowell at Halsey Circle (W) – No W line service. Use M line at this stop or proceed to Cowell/Valdora for W line.
  • Drummond at Albany (P/T) – No P or T line service, only W line service. Use stop on Lillard at Arnold for P and T lines.
  • Cowell at Drummond (P/T) – Stop closed. Use stop on Cowell at Ohlone.
  • Cowell at Ohlone (Q/T) – Stop closed. Use temporary stop on Ohlone. at Koso.
  • Drummond at Cowell (Q/T) – Stop closed. Use temporary stop on Lillard at Drummond.
  • Drummond at Lillard (Q/T) – Stop closed. Use temporary stop on Lillard at Drummond.


We apologize for the inconvenience during this construction project.


E Line Rerouted Thru End of Year

Posted on Oct 18 2017

Due to roadway construction on 3rd Street between A Street and E Street, the E Line will be rerouted onto 2nd Street until further notice.

Four stops on 3rd Street are closed - 3rd Street at C Street (inbound & outbound) and 3rd Street at E Street (inbound & outbound).

For 3rd Street at C Street, use B Street at 4th Street (both inbound & outbound) or 2nd Street at B Street (outbound only).

For 3rd Street at E Street, use 2nd Street at E Street (both inbound & outbound).

We apologize for the inconvenience.