V-Express and V-Limited Pilot Program

Posted on Nov 23 2021

The V line is overcrowded throughout the day and is often late. Due to the Unitrans driver shortage, we have not been able to add more service to any locations in Davis including West Village. For winter quarter however, Unitrans may be able to increase service focused on alleviating crowding and improving on-time performance.


To help inform winter quarter service levels, Unitrans is trying a service concept in West Village on Tuesday and Thursdays from 3:10 PM to 6:10 PM. During these hours, Unitrans will operate two V lines at once. One will operate as the V-EX West Village Express and one will operate as the V-LT West Village Limited. These buses will depart from the Silo Terminal at 3:10 PM, 3:40 PM, 4:10 PM, 4:40 PM, 5:10 PM, 5:40 PM, and 6:10 PM. Where do they go?


V-EX West Village Express: The V-EX will depart the Silo Terminal and only serve one bus stop - 2080 Tilia (Stop #305). No other bus stops will be served. 2080 Tilia is the last outbound stop/first inbound stop on the V line, just after the turnaround loop, and is the primary stop for The Green residents. Outbound, the V-EX will not stop at Hutchison/Extension Center Drive (Stop #239), Hutchison/Health Sciences Drive (Stop #361), or any other stops in West Village. Inbound, the V-EX will serve 2080 Tilia (Stop #305), Hutchison/Health Sciences Drive (Stop #240), and the Silo Terminal.


2080 Tilia is the primary stop for “The Green” addresses 298 Citron, 301 Citron, 184 Horizon, 298 Horizon, 2231 Jade, 187 Mint, 2079 Tilia and “Sol” addresses: 2035 Tilia, 2040 Tilia, 2145 Tilia, 2075 Tilia, 2080 Tilia, 2120 Tilia, 2150 Tilia.


V-LT West Village Limited: The V-LT will depart the Silo Terminal and serve all bus stops EXCEPT 2080 Tilia. The last stop will be Tilia at Celadon (Stop #304). The outbound V-LT will stop at Hutchison/Extension Center Drive (Stop #239), Hutchison/Health Sciences Drive (Stop #361), Hutchison Dr/Sage (Stop #286), Jade/Sage (Stop #288), and Tilia/Celadon (Stop #304). Inbound service will serve all bus stops except 2080 Tilia (Stop #305).


These stops serve most Sol buildings and all The Ramble buildings.


If successful and well received, Unitrans may implement the new concept on weekdays during winter quarter. Contact Unitrans at 530-752-2877 or email us at with questions or comments.


Service Alerts! Construction Delays and Impacts

Posted on Oct 13 2021

Due to roadway construction projects, expect significant on-going impacts to the following services. Note that most Unitrans routes are now subject to significant construction delays:


D & V Lines: D line will be detoured starting November 16 for three or more months which will cause delays but not result in missed stops. The Hutchison Drive & Health Sciences Outbound/Westbound (Stop 361) bus stop is moved 150' feet east and is open.


How Do I Ride the Bus?

Posted on Sep 27 2021

Welcome to UC Davis! If you've never been on Unitrans, take a couple minutes to watch this quick, fun video about how to ride Unitrans courtesy of ASUCD Aggie Studios. Click here for video!


Unitrans Returning to Partial Academic Year Schedule for Fall Quarter

Posted on Sep 13 2021

Starting September 22, 2021, ASUCD Unitrans will continue “summer” service levels on select lines with additional night service. In addition, due to an on-going student driver shortage, service on the A and L lines will be temporarily suspended. The Yolo County Transportation District, operator of Yolobus, will temporarily assume operations on the A and L lines. Services will be restored to regular academic year levels as staffing levels improve. The following service levels may last through the 2021-22 academic year:

  • Suspension of the A and L lines by Unitrans

  • Pickup on the D, G, J, W and V lines will remain at the summer service level of two times per hour.

  • Pickup on the E, F, and Z lines will remain at the summer service level of one time per hour

  • Pickup on the B, C, K, M, P, and Q lines will be two times per hour using the “regular” service schedule

  • Additional service compared to summer service levels after 8:10 PM on Monday-Thursday will operate on the D, E, J, V, W, and Z lines


The Yolo County Transportation District, operator of Yolobus, will assume operations of the A and L lines in coordination with the City of Davis, using the same letter designations as Unitrans and following the same academic year schedule for the A line and a “summer” service schedule for the L line. To make the transition to Yolobus as easy as possible for customers, Yolobus operated A and L lines will accept all Unitrans passes including the UC Davis undergraduate registration card as valid fare and will charge the local cash fare of $1.25 per ride. A and L lines will operate from the Silo Bus Terminal. The A line will operate the same academic year schedule that Unitrans operated with two times per hour and the L line will operate one time per hour (continuing the “summer” service level). For more information, go to Real-time predictions are available at


Unitrans expects crowding on the A, E, D, F, G, J, L, W, V, and Z lines. Students should plan to take bus trips arriving 30 minutes before morning classes start to provide ample time to get to campus. If staffing levels permit, Unitrans plans to follow the regularly scheduled buses with higher capacity buses to serve riders in the morning when many classes start.


Face coverings are required to ride Unitrans through at least January 18, 2022, by federal law. Please be patient with the bus service and try to take an earlier morning trip to campus if possible.


Youth 18 and Under Ride FREE Starting August 2! T Line Starts on August 25!

Posted on Jul 22 2021

Haga clic aquí para español

Thanks to special funding through the State of California's Low Carbon Transit Operations Program, youth 18 and under can ride Unitrans fare-free starting August 2!  To ride free, just show the driver or conductor your valid school identification card (2020-21 and 2021-22 school years only). Only if your child does not have a school ID, you can fill out the free youth pass application and send to Unitrans at to request a free youth pass. Note: these passes expire in summer each year, student IDs are preferred for bus access.


The Davis Joint Unified School District school bell time focused T line service re-starts on August 25! Go to the T line page for schedule or click here for a 2-page flyer in English or Spanish.


The UC Davis Downtown Store will also sell Unitrans bus passes starting August 2! With the addition of the Downtown Store, passes are now available online at, at the UC Davis Campus Store, and UC Davis Downtown Store.