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Z & O Line Reroute in Downtown Starting Friday, July 10

Posted on Jul 6 2020

Starting Friday, July 10, the Z & O lines will be rerouted from 2nd Street to 3rd Street to accommodate the downtown open air streets program. The reroute will be in place through August. Customers needing the bus on 2nd Street or Amtrak will need to walk one block north to 3rd Street.


Amtrak Customers: Board/Deboard bus one block north from Amtrak Station on 3rd Street at H Street. Use temporary stops on 3rd Street at H Street. Stops will be marked with an "A-Frame" sign.

2nd/B Street Eastbound: Use bus stop on 3rd Street at C Street eastbound, approximately one block north

2nd/E Street Eastbound: Use bus stop on 3rd Street at E Street eastbound, approximately one block north

2nd/E Street Westbound: Use bus stop on 3rd Street at E Street westbound, approximately one block north



Expanded Service Starting Monday, June 22!

Posted on Jun 16 2020

Per Yolo County Health Order, face coverings or masks are required on buses including Unitrans.


Starting Monday, June 22, Unitrans will operate on an expanded "Break" schedule. All "Break" trips will operate from the printed schedule with the addition of 30 minute K & M line service & later evening Z line service. Click on "Routes" and the line you're interested in for details. Service will operate from 7am to 10pm on Monday-Thursday and 7am-9pm on Friday.


30 Minute Service - G, K, M, P, Q, and V-MU lines

60 Minute Service - B, E, F, L-MU, & Z lines


Unitrans Response to Concerns Over COVID-19

Posted on Feb 27 2020

Unitrans is taking the following measures to help protect our customers and employees:

* Face coverings are REQUIRED while riding the bus. Customers without coverings may not be served.

* Keep conversations to a minimum on the bus and keep conversations with the driver to necessary conversations only.

* All operable windows are open and the ventilation system is running at all times.

* Bus capacity will be limited to 15 customers if possible. Customers should spread themselves out on the buses.

* Customers are directed to board and deboard via the rear doors if able to limit driver and conductor contact. Only engage driver and conductor as needed from behind the yellow chain on the buses.

* All service is fare-free for the time being in order to limit contact with drivers and conductors.


Cleaning Procedures Currently in Place:

* All interior bus hard surfaces are sanitized twice daily.

* Drivers and conductors are instructed to wipe down their work space at the start of their shifts.

* The entire interior of the buses are extensively sanitized at least weekly with a sanitizing spray.


Customers are encouraged to bring hand santizer or other personal hygiene products they wish to use before, during, and after riding the bus at their own discretion. Any service changes will be posted on the Unitrans web site and Facebook page and will also be available by calling Unitrans at (530) 752-2877.  


For Coronavirus information for the UC Davis campus, please go to this link:


UPDATE - New Baggage Policy Effective March 30, 2020

Posted on Feb 10 2020

Due to customer health and safety concerns, Unitrans is implementing an update baggage policy effective March 30, 2020. Carry-on items are allowed only if passengers can safely carry the items on the bus in one boarding. All items must be controlled at all times without blocking seats or aisles and must not be leaking. No hazardous items will be allowed on the bus, such as firearms or other weapons, car batteries, containers of gasoline, or other explosive or flammable items. Customers in violation of this policy may not be allowed to board the vehicle or will be asked to leave the vehicle.The policy update impacts all baggage including recyclables. 中文   En español


To comment, call us at 530-752-2877, email us at, or visit/write us at 1 Shields Avenue, 5 South Hall, Davis, California 95616.


Tips for Smart & Happy Riding This Winter!

Posted on Jan 6 2020

Welcome back to Winter Quarter! Winter is our busiest time a.k.a most crowded. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you arrive on-time to class:


1. Have your reg card, pass, or cash fare ready before the bus arrive.


2. Pack lightly or be prepared prior to boarding to take off your backpacks.


3. Leave no open seats and move ALL the way to the back of the bus and try not to bottleneck/congregate at the doors.


4. Try taking a bus that arrives on campus around :15 min after the hour (a.k.a 8:15am or 9:15am) or :30 min after the hour (a.k.a 8:30am or 9:30am). Buses arriving around :40 min and :50 min after the hour are typically OVERCROWDED.


5. Be patient and kind to your fellow riders, drivers, and conductors.


Thank you!