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Summer Service Update

Posted on May 30 2022

Starting Friday, June 10, Unitrans will operate modified summer service through summer session 1. See below for details. Unitrans may reduce service further as needed based on driver staffing. Check back to for updates.


Tuesday, June 21 through July 29: Summer service with the following modifications:

K & M lines every 30 minutes from 7:00 AM to 8:10 PM

No D & W lines (use K & M lines instead)

A Line will be operated by Unitrans every 60 minutes



We're Hiring Drivers! Join the Team!

Posted on Jan 8 2021

Join the Unitrans team! We're hiring drivers! The driver position offers great wages ($17.25-$18.75/hour!), a flexible schedule around your classes and schedule, upward mobility into leadership and management positions, and a welcoming, fun workplace with students! We're also offering free meals this summer on training days and free dorm housing for one summer session for students who work 25-35 hours/week.


Ready to apply? Click here!!!


Service Change Proposals for 2022-2023 Academic Year

Posted on Mar 18 2022

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UPDATE: The Unitrans Advisory Committee approved proposed changes to the V line weekday and weekend service, frequency changes, and bus stop discontinuation on Sycamore Lane Northbound at Chapparal Apartments. The proposed P/Q line changes were not reviewed or voted on. The approved changes are planned to go into effect on August 1, 2022.


Unitrans is proposing the following changes to bus service to take effect on Monday, August 1st, 2022 for the 2022-2023 academic year. The proposals focus on improving your ride by making it more reliable and adjusting to changing customer demand patterns. For a full summary, keep reading or click here.


To comment, email, call 530-752-2877, or mail Unitrans, 1 Shields Avenue, 5 South Hall, Davis, CA 95616. The comment period will close on Thursday, April 28, 2022 Unitrans will hold information sessions on Tuesday, April 5th from 10:00am to 1:00pm at the Memorial Union Terminal and on Thursday, April 7th from 2:00pm to 5:00pm at the Silo Terminal to share proposals and solicit feedback. A virtual public hearing will be held by the Unitrans Advisory Committee on April 28, 2022 at 4:00 PM to hear public comment and vote on the proposals. For meeting information, go to Unitrans Advisory Committee | City of Davis, CA.


P/Q Route Change Proposal (ON HOLD/WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR COMING ACADEMIC YEAR): Due to persistent reliability issues, Unitrans proposes rerouting the P and Q lines from Lillard Drive and Drummond Avenue to Cowell Boulevard in South Davis. The proposed route changes impact approximately 4% of P/Q customers and would result in faster, more reliable service for 96% of customers. Impacted customers would use P/Q line stops on Cowell at Halsey Circle, Cowell at Farragut Circle, and Cowell at Drummond Avenue. The W and T lines would continue to serve Lillard Drive and Drummond Avenue directly. Click here for map and impacted stops.


West Village Improvement Proposals

V-EX & V-LT Implementation - Unitrans proposes continuing service on the V-EX and V-LT lines in West Village as a response to high customer demand and positive feedback. The V-EX and V-LT would run from 7:00 AM to 8:10 PM up to 4 times per hour each for the next academic year pending driver staffing levels.

Weekend Route Change Proposal - Unitrans proposes changing the weekend V-MU service to provide direct grocery and shopping access for West Village residents. The proposed U line would replace the V-MU and operate via Highway 113 and Russell Boulevard to the MU Terminal directly serving Cuarto Dorms, Trader Joes, and University Mall. The proposal would eliminate service on Hutchison Drive and La Rue Road. Click here for full information and map.


Frequency Change Proposals: Unitrans proposes the following service frequencies for regular service in the 2022-2023 academic year, when driver staffing is at adequate levels. Service frequencies will be increased based on customer demand and may not all be implemented at the same time. Only lines which would see service frequency changes from today are displayed. A & Z line frequencies may be adjusted further based on Yolobus Route 42 YoloGo changes. Service 4x/hour on 5th Street is planned however the exact frequency per line may vary.

  • D Line: Operate every 30 minutes
  • E Line: Operate every 30 minutes
  • F Line: Operate every 30 minutes
  • G Line: Operate every 15 minutes
  • J Line: Operate every 15 minutes
  • L Line: Operate every 30 minutes
  • W Line: Operate every 20 minutes + implementation of a new, more reliable schedule
  • V-EX & V-LT: Operate up to every 15 minutes each
  • Z Line: Operate every 30 minutes


Bus Stop Discontinuation Proposal: Unitrans proposes eliminating the Sycamore at Chaparral Northbound/Outbound (#142) stop on G and J lines to offer more reliable service on G and J lines. Customers would be directed to Sycamore Lane/Antelope (#140) or the North Sycamore Loop (#144).


Service Starting Monday, March 28

Posted on Jan 25 2022

Winter quarter service levels continue into spring quarter! The outbound D line will be detoured starting on March 28 due to Hutchison Drive/Highway 113 overpass construction. Expect delays. No changes to inbound D line service. Starting Monday, April 4, Unitrans will operate the L line every 60 minutes on the same schedule as Yolobus operated. Yolobus will continue to operate the A line through June 9.


Weekday Frequency by Line:

- 30-minute: A (operated by Yolobus), B, C, D, G, J, K, M, P, Q, V-EX, V-LT, and W

- 60-minute: E, F, L (Operated by Unitrans starting 4/4), Z


D Line Detour

Outbound D line service is detoured effective Monday, March 28 to operate via La Rue Road Northbound and Russell Boulevard due to Hutchison Drive/Highway 113 construction. The detour is expected to cause delays all spring quarter. The D line will not serve Hutchison/Extension Center Drive (#239) or Hutchison/Health Sciences Drive (#361) during the detour. The ARC outbound stop (#175) will be served as an alternative. No changes to inbound service. Click here for map!


West Village V-EX & V-LT Service Continues

- V-EX West Village Express and V-LT West Village Limited pilot program continues on weekdays from 6:55 AM to 8:10 PM. V-EX will serve the Silo Terminal, stops on Hutchison Drive, and only one West Village bus stop at 2080 Tilia/The Green. The V-LT will serve the Silo Terminal, stops on Hutchison Drive, and all other bus stops in West Village. For more information on this pilot program, click here!


Call 530-752-2877 or email with questions or comments. Face coverings are required when riding Unitrans thru April 18 by federal mandate. If you do not comply, you may be refused service.


V Express And V Limited Pilot Program

Posted on Nov 23 2021

Starting Monday, January 31, Unitrans is increasing weekday service to West Village and introducing two new V line services – the V-EX (V West Village Express) and V-LT (V West Village Limited). The V-EX and V-LT will operate twice an hour on weekdays between 6:55 AM and 8:10 PM. The new services are expected to make your ride faster and more comfortable during the most crowded times. The regular V line serving all bus stops will operate after 8:10 PM and on weekends. Click here for service flyer!


V-EX West Village Express: The V-EX will depart the Silo Terminal and only serve one bus stop in West Village - 2080 Tilia/The Green (Stop #305). No other bus stops will be served in West Village. 2080 Tilia is the last outbound stop/first inbound stop on the V line, just after the turnaround loop, and is the primary stop for The Green residents. The V-EX will serve the Silo Terminal, Hutchison at Extension Center Drive (Stop #239), Hutchison at Health Sciences Drive (Stop #361 and #240) in both directions, and 2080 Tilia (Stop #305).


2080 Tilia (Stop #305) is the primary stop for “The Green” addresses 298 Citron, 301 Citron, 184 Horizon, 298 Horizon, 2231 Jade, 187 Mint, 2079 Tilia and “Sol” addresses: 2035 Tilia, 2040 Tilia, 2145 Tilia, 2075 Tilia, 2080 Tilia, 2120 Tilia, 2150 Tilia.


V-LT West Village Limited: The V-LT will depart the Silo Terminal and serve all West Village bus stops EXCEPT 2080 Tilia. The last stop will be Tilia at Celadon (Stop #304). The outbound V-LT will stop at Hutchison/Extension Center Drive (Stop #239), Hutchison/Health Sciences Drive (Stop #361), Hutchison Dr/Sage (Stop #286), Jade/Sage (Stop #288), and Tilia/Celadon (Stop #304). Inbound service will serve all bus stops except 2080 Tilia (Stop #305).


These stops serve most Sol buildings and all The Ramble buildings.


Contact Unitrans at 530-752-2877 or email us at with questions or comments.