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Silo Service Changes and Minor Schedule Updates - AUGUST 6

Posted on Jul 26 2018

Starting Monday, August 6, a series of service & schedule changes will begin to improve customer connections, on-time performance, and respond to customer demand. For full schedule pdf, click here!

After 8:10pm during Summer Service, all buses will operate from the MU Terminal. D, J, and W customers should use the K, G, and M lines from the MU Terminal. The V Line will operate to/from the MU Terminal after 8:10pm during Summer Service.

The Sunday evening Amtrak Shuttle is discontinued.

Minor schedule updates to the G, L, O, X, and Z lines. For updated schedules, click on "Routes" in the menu bar and select the line you want. Click on the pdf schedule link in the right corner for the schedule effective August 6.

New bus schedules will be available on our buses one week prior to the changes.