Service Changes & All Door Boarding Ending Effective Monday, August 7

Posted on Jun 28 2023

Effective Monday, August 7, 2023, the following Unitrans service changes go into effect. The changes are focused on improving service reliability and safety on campus during the class passing period. The changes were approved by the Unitrans Advisory Committee on April 27, 2023. Service frequencies will be restored to pre-pandemic levels as driver staffing improves. For frequently asked questions about the service changes, click here.


All Door Boarding Ending: Starting August 7, on single deck buses, please board through the front door only. On double decker buses, customers may continue to board through the rear door when a conductor is present. Fares and passes are required and will be checked for all customers. Please have your pass or fare ready before the bus arrives. Your passes and fares pay for Unitrans service. Graduate students and staff do not currently pay for Unitrans access and must pay the fare or purchase a pass. For accepted passes and fares, click here!


A Line to/from Memorial Union Bus Terminal: The A line will operate to/from the Memorial Union Terminal only. The schedule is significantly revised. Click here for schedule.


Z Line to/from Silo Bus Terminal: The Z line will operate to/from the Silo Bus Terminal only. The schedule is significantly revised. Click here for schedule.


12:00 PM Terminal Departures (ALL Lines): All 12:00 PM terminal departures will now depart at 12:10 PM. This change will reduce traffic in the campus core during the class passing period.


Schedule Adjustments: The E, G, L, U, V, V Express, and V Limited schedules were adjusted by 1-3 minutes. See individual schedules for updates.


8:00 AM Weekend P & Q Line Trips: On weekends, the P & Q lines will operate full trips starting from the Memorial Union Terminal at 8:00 AM.


Service Frequency Improvements: Unitrans will continue increasing frequencies from today’s levels as staffng improves. Unitrans will prioritize frequency improvements based on two factors: 1) Restoring 30 minute service to all routes and 2) Increasing frequencies based on crowding. Approved increases:

  • A Line: Up to every 30 minutes
  • G Line: Up to every 15 minutes
  • J Line: Up to every 15 minutes
  • V-EX & V-LT Lines: Up to every 15 minutes each
  • W Line: Up to every 20 minutes
  • Z Line: Up to every 30 minutes


Contact us at 530-752-2877 or with questions or comments.